Hi I'm Morgan

I’m a designer, working with user interfaces & visual design.

I especially love working on products from concept to completion.

  • Design at Tradable Bits

    Two+ years of branding, product and web design for a social media marketing startup

    Project Details

  • Draw Me the Beat

    Fully-functional drawing with sound Application, made in Processing

    Project Details

  • Grizzly Man

    Android App design for the next generation of outdoor explorers

    Project Details

  • More about me

    I love the process of design, and like to get my hands dirty in every step from concept, wireframes, mockups, prototypes & coding.

    I believe the role of the designer is to empower people through digital & tangible experiences.

    I studied Interactive Art & Technology at Simon Fraser University. I have been working in industry for 3+ years. I like working in small teams and startups. In my spare time, I make textiles, ceramics, and other handmade goods.


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